"We are all on a chaotic journey, as much mentally, spiritually, emotionally as geographically! Travel through this part of our lives with friends and peers who have each other's back and discover that home is not always a place - it is a feeling, friendship, belonging, understanding and something which you carry with your wherever you go." 

 Anne Scott, GGI Founder 

220 million people are not living in their country of birth.

We celebrate the lifestyles of women who dare to venture outside of their comfort zone, connecting us based on a common desire to live, learn and love everything this world has to offer.

We created GGI’s GirlGI magazine as the only lifestyle magazine in the world about the world as we live it, written exclusively for you, about you, by you and read all over the world. It is unique as the lives we choose to live. 

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Representing, connecting & supporting every kickass woman who has ever packed a bag and headed out into the world to see what would happen next...