Go anywhere. Belong everywhere.

Girl Gone International is a thriving, fast growing worldwide community of 500,000+ international women with local communities in over 200 cities.
GGI was founded by Anne Scott in 2010 as a way to overcome her own social isolation while living overseas and has since grown into an identity, a way of life, friendship and belonging.
We are a a thriving culture of badass women who live, work, love and travel far from where we started - or want to…. 
We are a big, open, co-created network, an empowering peer-to-peer support system, an open sisterhood, an inspiring storytelling and wisdom sharing platform.
We create local and global communities, 4000+ free per year, fun, super chill events, a free biannual digital lifestyle magazine with over 100,000 unique readers and a share via our social network with a monthly reach of up to 8 million. 


"We are all on a chaotic journey, as much mentally, spiritually, emotionally as geographically! Travel through this part of our lives with friends and peers who have each other's back and discover that home is not always a place - it is a feeling, friendship, belonging, understanding and something which you carry with your wherever you go." 

 Anne Scott, GGI Founder 

The Digital

International Generation

We are the new generation of expats, repats, travellers, immigrants, digital nomads, wanderlusters, long distance lovers, foreign partners, trailblazing spouses, third culture kids, overseas students, aid workers, military, diplomats, international execs...

87% of us speak 2 or more languages.

75% of us live in country we were not born in.

We are your home away from home

Your home away

from home

Living as we  do, often far from our support systems and the familiar, how can  you  survive  and  thrive wherever  you  find yourself? 


Belong to  a  community  of  other  women  who  live  how  and  where  you  do,  who  get  it.  We  all  need  friends  and support to be happy on our own journey.  

Friendship makes our world go round

We support GGIs to open and run a community in their town or city. Our community manager family is now 150+.

Women moving through the world together

220 million people are not living in their country of birth.

We are multi local

We live multi country lives,

move abroad, live transient lives, and 

travel outside comfort zones for fun, for love, for work, for study or for necessity. And we want to be happy!

Women helping women

Since 2010 we have existed to offer friendship, connection and a sense of belonging to women who live abroad as well as transient women and female travellers wherever in the world they find themselves. 

We celebrate the lifestyles of women who dare to venture outside of their comfort zone, connecting us based on a common desire to live, learn and love everything this world has to offer.

We created GGI’s GirlGI magazine as the only lifestyle magazine in the world about the world as we live it, written exclusively for you, about you, by you and read all over the world. It is unique as the lives we choose to live. 

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Representing, connecting & supporting every kickass woman who has ever packed a bag and headed out into the world to see what would happen next...