lead, connect, spread friendship far and wide

It's a wonderful moment, when you as an international mover and shaker, take enough time to help your sister make her life work. You create a community, blaze a trail and share the walk to make sure your GGI family has a compass." - Desiree, Community Manager, Rome.

We are always looking for energetic, positive, friendly, kind and motivated international women to lead local GGI communities! 

Your mission would be to launch, nurture, connect and empower the local community, create fun and simple meet ups, spark friendships so we all can feel happy and more at home in our adopted city we all now call home.

Does this idea excite you?! Love volunteering? Then get in touch! 

Friendship makes our world go round.

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Representing, connecting & supporting every kickass woman who has ever packed a bag and headed out into the world to see what would happen next...