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Rome Gone International

GGI is a refuge for courageous and independent women who are intelligent enough to know, you always need girlfriends (and probably a glass of wine!)

Meet Girl Gone International ROME and over 1000 GGIs!

If I have never been to one of your events, why should I go and what should I expect?

You should come to relax, and be around people who you have a great deal in common with.

At GGI Roma, we believe in wine in the afternoon and a coffee to get you home. The spirit is casual and always full of humour.

Tell us a story about some of the friends you have made through Girl Gone International or a friendship you have witnessed come to life via your GGI group.

I took a trip to Lisbon a few years ago, and was met by fellow GGI Kat Ze. She met me, with warm sweets in her hands, to welcome me to her city.

She made me feel like I already had a friend and belonged there. We had drinks, talked and exchanged advice. It was beautiful.

Although I was only in Lisbon for a few short days, it remains one of my favourite trips because of my GGI welcome from Kat.

What do you love about being a Community Manager (a.k.a. CM)?

Remember that one day, when you were in that exotic city, lost, in the rain, and you missed everything you have ever known? What if you had been in presence of a Fairy Godmother?

Being a CM makes you the Fairy Godmother of your city. It means you can prevent girls from having that dreary day.

While dreary days do build character, days full of laughter and unknown adventures with new friends FILL YOUR SOUL.

I guess I have Fairy Godmother Syndrome, I'm addicted to good karma.

How has GGI affected or impacted your life or the lives of others?

GGI made me braver than ever before. My frustration in the difficulties of creating female friendships as an adult had pervaded my everyday life. Having left my main sources of support in my own country (mother, sister, aunts, friends) I felt a void that was not being filled by my tireless efforts. I needed a safe platform to meet women like me. I needed an umbrella from the rain.

In my fourth year of living abroad, I found GGI, and it simplified my life by socially supporting me. Not only do you have instant friendships based on incredible commonalities, but you also get the best advice for life in your new country and the most hilarious travel stories you could ever imagine.

What it is like living in your city as a GGI?

I get to meet so many interesting, talented and beautiful women. The trouble is, Italian 'scheduling' is very contagious. I find it difficult to get a continuous group of women to commit more than 24 hours in advance. And yet, I am a bit proud of them all for 'going native'.

Any thoughts on friendship and making friends as a Girl Gone International?

I think it is very helpful to arrive and ask a lot of questions. All of the women who come to the events, arrive in a spirit of friendship. All of them have learned BIG life lessons and probably the hard way. The more you ask, the more help you can get. The willingness of our members to give, assist, and help is what makes this a beautiful community.


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