Badassary Is In the Blood

Ariana Rizzato in San Francisco

I am a Girl Gone International because...

its in my blood. I come from a line of badass women who left home for the great unknown.

My Grandmother survived a fascist WWII Italy, married and moved to San Francisco without speaking a word of English. My mother dreamt of traveling the world, became a pilot and travels for a living (I'll never be able to beat her country count but I'm trying!)

When I first left America and visited China, I felt a pang in my heart and the minute I graduated I packed up and moved there, didn't speak a word of the language and didn't know a soul.

Leaving behind my family, friends and long term relationship, I never looked back. Now that I'm back in SF I feel like I have come full circle (but I am always planning my next adventure).

Where do you live or where are you right now and why?

San Francisco, it's my home, my heart and arguably the coolest city in the U.S.

How has GGI affected or impacted your life or the lives of others?

GGI has given me access to a global consciousness of like-minded women who make me feel like I have a home in every city.

How did you get involved with Girl Gone International?

Michelle introduced me in Shanghai and I loved it so much I had to travel around the world to meet Anne in Mallorca. I knew I wanted to be involved with a community of strong women, founded by a badass woman and supported by international women across the globe.

What it is like living in your city as a GGI (ups and downs)?

San Francisco is constantly evolving, both positively and negatively. As a cultural, international and local melting pot, it is full of delicious food, interesting people and beautiful sights. Recently the influx of tech companies is threatening that culture and bringing in a new one.

There is thriving innovation but also an overabundance of new money, push of gentrification and skyrocketing housing prices. Any way you spin it though, San Francisco is a dynamic, stunning and unique place to live.

From the deco of the Golden Gate, the oldest Chinatown in America, the Bay to the Beach, I am lucky to call it my hometown.

#SanFrancisco #Shanghai

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