• Tina Jones

10 Top Pick-Up Lines That Cross Borders

Tina Jones has compiled her tried and tested top tips and tricks for bagging blokes/lassies whilst abroad.


1) Use what your homeland gave you.

You’ve got an accent, so use it. While you might not feel exotic in your home country, outside of your homeland, you are. The first indicator of this is likely to be your accent, so buck up and use it!

2) Be forward.

You’re in a foreign country; you don’t know the landscape, so take the initiative to approach men or women. Even if it isn’t in your nature, you will have legitimate questions that you won’t be expected to know the answer to, so approach them and ask – even if you already know the answer.

3) Confidence is sexy.

You are an interesting and intelligent foreigner, so own it. You are in a new place so reinvent yourself and be the confident woman you always wanted to be.

4) Snark.

Quick wittedness is an indicator of intelligence and confidence and will keep them on their toes. I’m not suggesting you get into debates or arguments with every cute individual you run into, but snarky and/or sarcastic statements will further engage them in conversation.

5) Get cute

While we don’t advocate playing the bimbo, you can however get cute while not acting dumb. Play confused whether that be over a menu or a handful of foreign currency and create an opening for a cutie to jump in and help you out.

6) Ask for directions

Asking for directions is neither stupid nor pathetic, getting lost is. That being stated, even if you aren’t lost, per say, there’s no harm in asking for directions just in case. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a tour of the city from one of the locals.

7) If out at a bar or club, ask the name of a song playing

This past summer, admittedly after a couple of drinks, I spotted a very cute guy from across the room. I walked up to him and asked the name of the song playing. The music was loud, but my accent was noticeable, and he was instantly interested; he then asked me if we could step outside where it wasn’t so loud, to talk some more.

8) Ask a cutie to teach you something

Don’t know how to change the treadmill display to English? Don’t know how to shuck oysters? Depending on the location and situation, what they teach you will vary but will engage them in a meaningful way because it will create a connection and initiate conversation. Just don’t play dumb, ’cause you are super smart and intelligent and being yourself will attract the kind of awesome person who loves and appreciates strong women.

9) Poll a group of attractive individuals on a completely meaningless topic

Let’s say you are out with a group of friends and spot a table of cute guys from across the room. Think of a question to ask – try to avoid ones regarding politics, sex, or religion. Then approach the table of hotties in order to poll them.

10) Smile

Smile and make eye contact. You don’t need a relationship to make you happy, so show off your pearly white ones. It’ll let people know that you are enjoying yourself, show you are a lovely, happy, confident person that anyone would be lucky to get to know.

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