• Ariana Rizzato

The GGI List of Mantras

8 mantras for when you’re overwhelmed by life abroad, on the go, or away from home

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by life aboard, on the go, or away from home. Repeat these and remember “there’s no place like Rome.”

1.“I love my life, I love my life”

Ok, our lives are amazing. Living where we want, traveling outside of our comfort zones. Generally just being awesome. Remember that.

2. “Cultural differences, its just cultural differences”

Being bombarded on the subway, told that you look fat, old ladies elbowing you in the supermarket, that dude not messaging you back. Sometimes you can just chalk it up to cultural differences and call it a day. Remember, you are the foreigner here.

3. “It won’t even matter in a year”

Things change so quickly when we live abroad, time moves a mile a minute, and things back home change but really stay the same. Whatever big challenges are weighing you down in the present; just know that those little things will be resolved.

4. “I’ll have a glass of wine, I’ll have a glass of wine”

That meeting from hell, electricity being shut off, landlord conveniently not being able to speak your language anymore. Just remember, there’s a drink waiting for you when it’s over.

5. “I can DO/CHANGE this”

You packed up and moved across the world, left your comfort zone, you can do anything! You can change your life, you’ve already done it!

6. “Walk away, walk away”

Sometimes there is a time to fight, and a time to walk away. When you feel like things are just too much to handle, walk away, have that glass of wine, marinate, then take action. People, places, situations, sometimes you gotta just walk away.

7. “It’s all worth it”

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, am I right? At the end of the day, it’s worth it. It’s all a growing experience, you’re learning, you’re growing, and you’re glowing baby!

8. “Vacation, vacation, vacation”

Being a GGI means you always have your next trip in mind, when all else fails get the hell out! Book that train, plane, or automobile and have something to look forward to. It definitely makes the mundane moments in life a little more bearable when you have a big bowl of pasta waiting for you in Rome.

#Happiness #Wellness

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