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Top 8 things to do in Paris during winter

CHRISTMAS BONUS: During the Christmas sesason, don’t miss the decorations in the two most famous shopping malls: Le Printemps and Les galleries Lafayette. They are different every year and they are amazing!!!

You will see a lot of people checking it out. First the windows and then, in Le Printemps, the huge, trendy Christmas tree!

You can also enjoy the different Christmas markets in the city. There is one every year in La Défense. You have to try some good, cheesy food, such as an amazing raclette sandwich #fatlife. Or try the new market in Chatelet Les Halles!

1/ Drink a hot chocolate at Angelina. One of the best in town…real melted chocolate! You can either queue to go inside the tea saloon, (it can take a long time during the weekend or during tea time) or outside there is a little chariot, where you can get take-away hot chocolate for only 5€ instead of 8€ inside! But the tea saloon is so worth the wait.

Link : http://www.angelina-paris.fr/fr/

2/One you have your warm drink, my favourite is going to the Jardin des Tuileries in front of Angelina. Indeed it can be cold in winter, but the colour of the trees and the nice walk to cross the park is totally worth it. And your hot chocolate will warm you up ;)

3/ You can also enjoy the large ferris wheel, place de la Concorde, where you can admire a view over Paris.

4/ Next is ice-skating in Paris, there are two locations this year. One in La Defense, at the top of the Arche, where you can enjoy a breath-taking view. The price is the price of the climb plus the skate rental. The other option is in Champs de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower, where you just have to pay the skate rental!

5/ In January until February, you can’t miss the sales! « Paris capitale de la mode », offers you the best deals you can find! So be on time the 5th of January! You can go to the valley village to find great deals.

6/ During winter, it is also nice to warm up in a museum. There are so many in Paris, but I would advise to start with the most famous ones and to check on oneline for current exhibition. For example, “Moma In Paris” at La Fondation Louis Vuitton is open until the beginning of March. (See my article "Strolling around Paris)

7/Now, let’s talk about food! (I know you were waiting for this one). First, the inescapable in Paris: Big mamma group. But you have to go very early to get a table or you will spend a lot of time in the queue. (15/20 min before the opening hour and you will not wait).

Psss: My favourite one is Pizzeria Poppolare

There are also others very good ones ..

Link : https://www.bigmammagroup.com/fr/accueil

8/ To finish, my favourite, either during winter, but also during summer, or any season, is to walk in Le Marais Streets, I usually stop at Pierre Hermé Shop and eat two macaroons, they are so good!!! (Only two because of the price, I would take more otherwise :p ).


DisneyLand Paris in Marne La vallée is magicl! The prices can be expensive and you need to book in advance during peak travel times ! You can sometimes find good discounts.

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