The Badass Communities for Women in Shanghai

Below is a list of wonderful communities for women around Shanghai.

LesQueers (LQ)

Dedicated to Shanghai’s LGBTIQ community. LQ focuses on empowering the LGBTIQ community through events and their soon to be released App. LQ also has begun doing diversity and inclusion trainings for businesses and organizations around China.

A vibrant and fun community that organizes weekly social events. From Zumba and badminton to discussions about love, sex, and many other topics they are worth going to.


Lean In Shanghai International

LISI is a non-profit circle and part of the global Lean In platform founded by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. The inclusive community aims to inspire and empower women to achieve their professional ambitions. LISI’s professionals have diverse backgrounds and expertise who are committed to inspire and empower women.

LISI organizes monthly events, which include small intimate roundtables for open discussion that are centered around different topics. They also schedule a wide range of seminars. Each month is different and each meeting focuses on a different aspect of professional development. From negotiation in the workplace to body posture LISI’s sessions are always inspiring and positive.


International Professional Women’s Society

Established in 1993, IPWS is a vibrant and diverse community dedicated to connecting professional women through multiple monthly events.

The topics of events include e-commerce and intrapreneurship, which are always well-moderated. Their monthly mentor walks are always full and great for younger women looking for mentorship. IPWS always has a diverse crowd of attendees with lots of women eager to network and develop their professional skills.


Ladyfest Shanghai

A grassroots DIY community that organizes a yearly festival and other events to promote gender equality and equity. Ladyfest aims to showcase, celebrate, and encourage the artistic community and political work of women in Shanghai.

An amazing community that throws one massive kickass event every March around International Women’s Day to celebrate girl power. The event is usually an all-day affair that has workshops, performances, booths highlighting various communities and artists.

WeChat Official Account: Ladyfest_Shanghai


LT is a community dedicated to bringing together women that are newcomers to Shanghai. The community shares deals around town, as well as, general tips and advice to improve daily life in Shanghai.

A great community who gathers occasionally offline. The organization is primarily centered around WeChat groups that bring together an eclectic mix of women, who discuss everything and anything related to life in Shanghai.

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