• By Michelle Ibarra

PODCAST: Must-Have Apps to Survive in China

Updated: May 13

It is a big, crazy place, I will be honest with you! Especially as most Western social media is only accessible with a VPN service. We have got you covered though. GGI Asia & Oceania Regional Manager, Michelle Ibarra has gotten together with the GGI Shanghai crew to talk about all of the apps needed to survive the Middle Kingdom.

From social messaging, yes WeChat is king and will be the best app for you and all of your family to download before you leave!

It is also the electronic payment system amongst other things. It is the super app of China!

Don't make the mistake of visiting China without downloading these as life will be a pain when you can't use Google maps, Facebook, or Instagram to help you navigate what to do and how to get around.

Trust us! We live here!

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