nominate your ggi womxn of the year 2020



To celebrate International Women's Day 2020, we are honouring womxn who have packed a bag and headed out into the world to make an impact!


Winners of the GGI Womxn of the Year will be interviewed and published here in the Girl Gone International website and interviews will be shared across our platforms and network which reach circa 8 million per month. 

Deadline for nominations is February 23rd 2020. 



You can nominate someone you know or someone you follow from afar. You can even nominate yourself!

For guidance, you can see last year's winners here! 

What do we mean by impact? 

Someone who has had an impact on your life, your life overseas, your community. This can be a once off act, a project, an initiative.


Categories are wide open. You can nominate a business owned by a Girl Gone International too. 




A Girl Gone International is someone who lives overseas, used to live abroad, travels extensively or has a true global mind.


Some people calls us expats, immigrants, repats, third culture kids, digital nomads, internationals, foreigners but we don’t much care for labels! There are no age restrictions. 


Winners will be selected by a Girl Gone International panel (so no one will have to beg friends online for votes!)


There is no awards event, and no payment to ever be made. 

We look at first whether the nominee qualifies as a Girl Gone International (international and travel background) and consider the impact they are having, the depth of meaning and the link between their achievement and living overseas. 

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Representing, connecting & supporting every kickass woman who has ever packed a bag and headed out into the world to see what would happen next...